Can I use a virtual card to make purchases outside of the USA?

Can I use a virtual card to make purchases outside of the USA?

Yes, you can use a virtual card to purchase in all the countries that are not mentioned in the prohibited list.

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    • What is the use of virtual cards?

      Virtual cards serve a variety of purposes: Security: A virtual card is a unique card number associated with your account but different from your actual physical card number. This helps protect your card details from being exposed to a data breach. ...
    • What is a virtual card?

      A virtual card is the digital form of a debit card. You can get instant access to a virtual card as soon as you apply for it. Virtual cards can be used to shop online or pay at stores that accept Visa cards and have contactless payment options.
    • How to get virtual cards?

      Log in to Select an account Click on the Manage Cards button Click Add Card Select Virtual Card Provide Card label/Nickname and give spending limit and time span Set card usage restrictions from advanced options only if needed Click the Next ...
    • Can I get a debit card for my checking account?

      Yes. After signing up, the debit card will be automatically generated and mailed to your address. You can apply for more debit cards if needed. You can use this debit card for cash withdrawals, online and offline payments.
    • How long does it take for a debit card to reach the mailing address?

      It usually takes 3-7 business days. The days may vary depending on the ZIP Code.